Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How fast time passes!

So, this has been a crazy year for me. My daughter is about to complete her junior year in high school and I'm already going crazy thinking about her graduation next year. I remember when she was just a little girl and we would have so much fun together where ever we went. Now, well, now she would rather hang with friends. She does like to shop with me however, I do have more money than her, most of the time anyway.

Here she is, going to her junior prom. I went to see her perform the last chorus concert of the year and I had tears in my eyes when they talked about the seniors. What will happen when she's a senior. I should buy stock in Kleenex. We need to treasure these years because before you know it, they are off, living their own lives. We teach them to be responsible adults and can only hope they were listening.

Thanks for reading!